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Aneesa Price - Supernatural Seduction (Coffin Girls Series)

Supernatural Seduction (Book 2 of the Coffin Girls Series)

This is an adult paranormal romance and contains scenes of explicit sex, violence and strong language.

Witch-vampire, Sophie, has the power to feel and influence others’ emotions. With the establishment of the Coffin Girls as warriors for the Goddess that kick supernatural ass, the effects of her empath abilities threaten to harm her. Sylvain, the mischievous and seductive fae prince and Coffin Girls ally, offers her the assistance of the fae to hone her powers. Sophie is drawn to Sylvain, which unnerves her as her hope for love has only ever led to devastation. The two of them must face the demons of their past, unknown enemies and new evil to find true happiness at last.
"Once again Aneesa Price succeeds in transporting us to this magical world full of romance, action, & excitement! I am a true Aneesa Price addict...constantly needing more, more, more!" ~ Jeni’s Bookshelf & Reviews

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Supernatural Seduction (Coffin Girls Series) – Excerpt from Chapter 1

“No heartbeats. No smells. Just us. What’s going on?” V, black hair slicked back in a ponytail, eyes speculative, asked Anais.

They were in an alley between neglected buildings in the largely-abandoned Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The area had been a hive of activity until Katrina struck. Now it was characterized by desertion, buildings indistinguishable from each other, and lots conjoined by forests of ever-sprouting greenery. They heard the frequent cry of a domestic animal gone sad and wild or glimpsed the light of a ghost peaking at them from behind shattered windows. But, other than the noises of the natural and supernatural, there were no signs of man, human or otherwise.

“I’ve no idea,” replied Anais, leader of the Coffin Girls, as she crouched next to V behind the dumpster. “The tip-off gave this place, this time, and that’s it. Mr. Anon said to be ready to fight. I’m starting to think that Mr. Anon is the perp.” A human would be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of trees and plants asserting their presence from every possible surface – weeds as high as rooftops, shrubs sprouting oleander and lantana. It did not make visibility easy, unless you were a vampire, and being one, Anais could easily sweep the area for any forms of life, both human and supernatural.

“Something’s off,” V nodded in agreement, acknowledging the uneasy feeling that had settled in her gut. She caught a slithering movement to the side, tipped her head slightly in that direction, and hissed at the garter snake that passed by. The snake, sensing it was lower on the hierarchy, glided away. Comically, a chorus of similar sounds momentarily erupted as more reptiles decided to give the vampires a wide birth as quickly as possible. It wasn’t the snakes that were bugging her – although Anais had had to put up a few shields to feel calmer. What bugged her subconscious was that something extremely dangerous was about to happen. It was her mental Achtung! As a human, she'd often ignored her intuition. As a vampire and witch, she’d learned quickly, that it was a foolish thing to do.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Marie piped in as she crawled up behind them, her myriad of curls tucked in a black baseball cap. She’d come ready for action and was getting irritated by the wait. What’s more, the darned ghosts in the area were looking to get friendly with her. Somehow, her necromancy powers allowed her to not only see the spirits of the departed, but it acted like a magnet, pulling those who should have passed on towards her. Marie spotted a ghost waving frantically from a dilapidated neighboring roof top, trying to get her attention. She closed her eyes and shook her head. Guilt ate at her – she really should help them move on, which also meant that she’d need to begin her training. “Well, time for that later,” she thought, “we’ve a trouble-making supe to catch tonight.” Although trouble-making was a mild description for the darn supernatural being that was causing havoc in New Orleans. 

“I’m not comfortable with this,” offered Anais. “This smells like an ambush. Let’s head back.”

“Wait,” Sophie sent a mental message to her fellow Coffin Girls. “I can’t see or hear any supes either, but there are strong feelings coming through. And, they’re getting stronger.”

“What feelings?” Anais sent back. Eyes, the same shade of chocolate as her hair gave their surroundings yet another once-over. “From where?”

“It’s weird,” Sophie, continued the telepathic exchange.

“You’re telling me,” mumbled Marie.

V rolled her eyes and gave Marie a shove to shush.

With the glare Anais shot at them, they sobered up. “Carry on, Sophie.”

“The feelings are menacing, intent on harmful mischief, but at the core, they don’t feel evil. They’re excited."

“They?” inquired V.

“Yes,” Sophie replied, still communicating through their link, courtesy of their blood bond. Sophie concentrated on the emotions she felt and tried to pick out the different ‘flavors’ of each emotion. It was her way of clustering them. Her blonde hair, pulled back from her face into a ponytail, showed her pixie-like face scrunched up in concentration. The crease between her furrowed brows accentuated as she tried to feel the situation. “I can’t pick out different clusters. It’s like they’re all feeling in unison.”

“From which direction are they coming?” Anais asked.

“Middle of the alley,” Sophie replied.

“We thought, maybe it was our vantage point that was blocking us from seeing anything,” added Rose. “But, it sounds like you’re as blind to it as we are.”

“Yes,” replied Anais, still communicating telepathically, “and fighting blind is suicidal. I’m not putting you all in jeopardy.”

“Let’s just wait this out,” V interjected. “This is the first solid lead we’ve had the entire week.”

For the past week, New Orleans had been plagued by odder than usual occurrences. A woman had tried to kill her husband after accusing him of being a demon. A man had booked himself into a state mental institution. He claimed that whenever he entered his kitchen, blood poured down the walls and all the food in his refrigerator turned into human body parts. They were hacked and bloody, like a savagely torn buck at the mercy of hungry predators. Party-goers claimed to be possessed by spirits when their night-out supposedly turned violent. When the cops went to investigate the sites of the alleged violence, they found nothing. Naturally, the cops thought that the party-goers were on some kind of new drug and booked them anyway. In the last two days, hordes of children had begun to refuse to sleep. They were claiming that the boogie man was waiting for them under their beds. It was a sleep-deprived, grumbling, witch that sought assistance from Conall, the witch prince, and Anais’ fiancĂ©. This, in turn, had involved them all. Plus, they really loved their hometown and it pissed them off that some supernatural force was playing with the locals. They’d searched the scenes of the incidences, used their magick to canvas the heavily populated areas of the city, and then, when they were about to bring out the magickal big guns, they received the tip-off. If the anonymous tip hadn’t led them to the alley, they would be back on the plantation, engaged in magick to try and stop it. The witch half that resided in them preferred the magick, but the vamp half liked the bloodiness of a good fight – sometimes the vamp won the draw.

“There’s nothing solid about this lead,” piped Marie. “Why the hell didn’t Mr. Frikkin Anon tell us more?” V grudgingly conceded with a nod.

“I can still feel them,” Sophie reminded her squabbling sisters, her voice dripping with disdain.

As if on cue, Rose blurted out, “Look. In the middle of the alley. What is that?”

Dieu! Sophie, you were right. Now quickly, spit out what you’re getting from it.” Anais ordered, whilst keeping an eye on the portal that was forming in the middle of the alley. It glowed with an eerie light, started as a tiny spec, and then grew by the second into a round ball of silver light. “It’s a portal,” Anais observed. The rest nodded. It looked similar to the portal they used to enter the Bayou Fae Hollow. Unsheathing her solid silver sword, Anais checked but noticed that V and Marie were ready for battle also - guns and swords at the ready.

She was about to do a mental check with Rose and Sophie to see if they had their weapons ready, when a dreamy, Irish-laced, baritone voice interrupted her, “Anais, sorry we’re late.” 

“Where are you?” Anais asked, courtesy of her own blood bond with Conall, her mate.

“Right here, love,” he replied from behind her. Anais glanced back and was rewarded with a smile from the handsome face marked with dark blue eyes and framed with shocking black hair. Here was her man, and fiancĂ©--the one who turned her insides to mush.

“What’s going on?” Raulf, the alpha wolf asked, making his presence known.

V shot Raulf a look, noticing his eager anticipation for a battle. “Hungry, Raulf?” she asked, a brow quirking upwards in inquiry.

“You got it, cher,” he chuckled in response. V looked closer and noticed that his eyes had a feral light to them, belying his playfulness. That was their Raulf, she thought, and a seemingly charming rogue, but really, he was as fierce and loyal as any wolf was reputed to be.

“We’ve no idea what’s going on,” Anais answered Raulf’s original question, after she’d grabbed Conall’s hand and had given it a quick, reassuring squeeze. 

“Where’s Niul?” asked Marie.

“On his way,” replied Raulf.

“Well,” quipped Sylvain, “the portal’s fully formed, but nothing’s coming out.”

“Sophie,” Anais sent out a mental call, “what are you picking up?”

“They’re contemplative,” Sophie responded, sounding like herself. “It's like they’re engaged in a game and enjoying it, but trying to figure out the next moves as they go along. They seem to think that they have the upper-hand.”

“I thought so,” Anais said, under her breath. Tightening her grip on her sword, she turned around swiftly (vamp speed, spurred by anger), and plunged the weapon into Conall’s heart.


Aneesa Price writes romance and lives it with her university sweetheart and husband. After having surmounted the challenges of being in a bi-racial marriage in the newly democratic South Africa, she now attributes her marital bliss to purposefully added spice and passionately resolved differences. After living in a variety of cities in South Africa, as an expat, she’s ready to explore the world with her husband and two daughters.

Aneesa completed her internship in counseling psychology and went on to work first as a therapist and then in Corporate Finance in on projects and in organizational change. This diversity in experience, coupled with her understanding of the human psyche, is translated into her writing through the creation of believable, flawed characters with the innate ability to overcome adversity.

She writes to give her readers the gift of experiencing the new and fascinating, something she strives for herself when she explores new places, reads, cooks with her kids or goes picking for antiques with her husband.
She welcomes new connections so feel free to 'friend' her on facebook or follow her on twitter.


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