Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Sport of Reading

Do you ever notice how people who play sports always need extensive gear? I mean, baseball players need balls, bats, a uniform, helmet, maybe gloves, special shoes, jock strap, and more. Not to mention the associated laundry and transportation.

Then here's tennis for you. My daughter just took up high school tennis and she’s needed money for tennis clinics, two specialty rackets, not run-of-the-mill, play-for-fun rackets (or is that three now?), special strings, practice balls, a bag for all her stuff and for the rackets. What else? Uh, sports bras in all colors, a uniform, cute shorts and athletic shirts to practice in, supportive tennis shoes (and of course socks to sweat in), a water bottle, but not just any water bottle, an insulated one to keep her water cold. But water wasn’t good enough, so we need Gatorade too. Then working in the sun for hours, she needs sunscreen of course. I’m sure I haven’t touched on everything, but you get the drift: doing sports requires gear and not just ANY gear. It has to be perfect and precision.

So, I’m here to say ENOUGH! You sweaty sports people need all this perfect and precision stuff for your sport; I need it for mine too, so here’s the list.

Sports Gear for Reading (minimum requirements)

  • Assorted paperbacks, hardcovers, and ebooks
  • An ereader...or two to get the best performance depending on conditions
  • Comfortable sweats or pjs. Probably both.
  • Comfy chair, couch, or bed. Best to have all three and if the one you have now isn’t quite up to standard, get a new one.
  • Slippers or warm socks. No, both. Can’t have any distractions if your feet are cold, taking your mind off the task at hand and reducing your performance.
  • Coffee or tea. Probably both. Maybe some cool drinks as well.
  • Coffee maker. Not just any old kind. Gotta have one that does cappuccino and the works to enhance the experience.
  • Sometimes coffee at home won’t cut it. You need a steady balance on your Starbucks Gold Card, especially for those days you might have trouble getting into it and need an extra workout, reading in public and all.
  • Library card
  • Book club membership
  • Bookshelf to store your reading collection
  • Supply of snacks to keep your energy up. A variety of chocolates is recommended.
  • Internet access to converse with other book lovers and exchange technique ideas. Hone your skills, people!
  • A cat, or two. Better have two, in case one isn’t in the mood to cuddle, you’ll have a backup.

I may have forgotten something, if so, feel free to add to the list, below in the comments section!

One, Two, Three. Let’s Go Team! GO READ! (read with a long, drawn out ‘go’) Whoo hoo!

Then we all fist bump and hit those books.



  1. You need your comfy pillow and/or blankie too. There is nothing like the extra comfort!!!
    Love this post! <3

  2. Of course, how could I forget a blanket! Essential gear. :)