Monday, April 14, 2014

FREE- Winston's Supernatural Disaster

FREE on Amazon thru April 16th.

Why do bad things happen? Winston finds out through otherworldly means, after his untimely death. Along with an influx of other souls, after a deadly hurricane, Winston learns from angelic sages that good really does come from the bad. It boils down to love. (Inspirational SHORT STORY) Available FREE on Amazon through April 16th.

Customer Review

"C.R. Everett has delivered a most thought-provoking work with Winston's Supernatural Disaster. The story packs a good deal of inspiration and potential explanation as to why some of the seemingly meaningless suffering by mortals takes place. That Everett does so in such a short span (11 pages) is only part of what makes the story so clever and yet simple, leaving much to ponder for believer and nonbeliever alike. WINSTON is well worth your time. "

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